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Internships Abroad in Developing Countries

A Projects Abroad Journalism volunteer conducts research for a news story at her internship abroad in Jamaica

Projects Abroad offers you the chance to take part in a worthwhile internship abroad in a developing country. You will have the chance to share your knowledge, while learning from trained professionals and gaining valuable work experience.

We’ll find you an internship that matches your requirements as closely as possible, so that you get the most out of your placement abroad. You will be supervised by our friendly local staff, and work on worthwhile projects that suit their interests.

An internship abroad is an excellent way to equip yourself with new knowledge and skills, gain experience in your chosen field and decide whether a specific career is really for you. Our internships are open to volunteers of all ages, from all walks of life. They are particularly useful for university students and recent graduates looking to boost their CVs for future employers or university admission panels.

We offer flexible start-dates and project lengths, so that you can decide on an option that best suits your schedule. Our prices include all accommodation, meals, insurance and support you receive whilst on your placement. They do not include flights, which we can also arrange, for an additional fee.

Danish Projects Abroad volunteer on a medicine internship abroad gets a lesson in suturing during a medicine workshop at the Museo de Anatomia in Cordoba, Argentina

What type of internships are available?

We offer internships in a number of different fields:

  • Business or International Development Internships: Business Internships are an ideal way to obtain practical work experience in the business world, in sectors ranging from management to marketing. Our International Development Internships, meanwhile, are geared towards helping marginalised communities overcome the unique challenges facing them to achieve their goals.

  • Law & Human Rights Internships: Our Law & Human Rights Internships are an exciting opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives, where you’ll help provide legal services to businesses, community organisations or individuals.

  • Journalism Internships: Put your skills to the test on one of our print, television or radio Journalism Internships, and hone your creative and technical abilities. This is a wonderful way to obtain valuable work experience for your CV while exploring a new culture and destination.

  • Medicine & Healthcare Internships: We offer a number of different Medicine & Healthcare Internships, including Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Midwifery and Nutrition. If you’re a medical student at university, then our Medical Electives Internships are ideal for those looking to gain experience in their chosen profession.

  • Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care Internships: For those who plan to work with animals, our Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care Internships offer you the chance to assist in a veterinary clinic, help out with a variety of procedures and observe operations.
Emma Goring, International Development volunteer in South Africa"I was based in an office in Vrygrond and helped in the development of a new first aid project, fund raising and proposal writing. I received far more responsibility than I ever anticipated and was even invited to attend important business meetings and home visits with the senior staff, which were a fantastic experience. The staff were incredible and they really welcomed me as one of their own."

Emma Goring
International Development volunteer in South Africa

بروجيكتس أبرود هي واحدة من أكبر منظمات التطوع والتدريب في العالم. تم تأسيسها سنة 1992، ومنذ ذلك الوقت إلى الآن نقوم بإرسال 10000 شخص سنويا إلى الخارج ضمن مجموعة متعددة من مشاريع الخدمات والتدريبات. بإمكانك التطوع في مجموعة هائلة ومتنوعة من المشاريع في 35 وجهة مثيرة.

إنه لمن مساعينا الحثيثة والمستمرة العمل على تعزيز خدماتنا لتتجاوز توقعات الطلاب. فبعد النجاح الذي عرفته العروض الخاصة ذات المدى القصير و رحلات المجموعات المعدة على الخصوص لطلاب المدارس، قامت بروجيكتس أبرود لأخذ خطوة أخرى إلى الأمام من خلال تقديمها لعروض الجولات الدراسية المثيرة في أوروبا وأمريكا لطلاب المدارس والكليات في الهند.

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