Projects Abroad staff take a group of school and college students on a temple tour during the weekend in Cambodia, Asia.

Volunteering Abroad for Students Ages 15-18

Discover what you’re capable of by going abroad with us as a volunteer or intern during your school or college years

Discover what you’re capable of and join one of our volunteer or internship opportunities abroad during your school or college years. You’ll travel to a developing country, meet people your age from around the world, and become part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll realise your potential while having the adventure of a lifetime.

If you’re 15, 16, and 17 years old, we strongly recommend our High School Specials. On one of these programmes, you can help kids learn through play, roll-up your sleeves and help on a building site, shadow lawyers and business professionals, and more. Whatever you do, you’ll be working on long-term, sustainable solutions to specific problems, or you’ll be focused on gaining hands-on work experience. You can use what you do to enhance your CV or UCAS form.

Our High School Specials will also help you grow personally. You’ll hone soft skills like communication and problem-solving. And when you’re not working, you’ll be able to explore with your group and experience the culture. You’ll have support from our in-country staff 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about any of the details. We’ll take care of everything.

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Projects Abroad interns working at an outreach during our medical internship for teenagers in Nepal
Medical Internships in Nepal for Teenagers
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  • Price: 8,280 AED for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: 1,755 AED
  • Start Date: During school holidays
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
  • Age: 15-18
A volunteer in a park with children in Cambodia.
Volunteer with Children in Cambodia for Teenagers
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  • Price: 7,980 AED for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: 1,605 AED
  • Start Date: During school holidays
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
  • Age: 15-18
Projects Abroad volunteers assist with childcare volunteering for teenagers in Kenya as they play educational games with the children in the school yard
Volunteer Work with Children in Kenya for Teenagers
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  • Price: 8,880 AED for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: 1,755 AED
  • Start Date: During school holidays
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
  • Age: 15-18
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We’d be happy to talk about creating a custom project for you. Most of our staff have been volunteers themselves, so they’re well placed to answer your questions, big or small.

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What can I do as a college or school student abroad?

Whether you’re volunteering abroad as a 16 year old, or you’ve decided to intern abroad as a 17 year old, we have a High School Special for you. Our staff are here to help you find the project that’s the best match to your interests and goals.

Here are some of our most popular options for young volunteers and interns:

We’ve seen an increase in young people travelling and choosing to use their time to help those in need. Joining a High School Special is a great way for you to become part of this and team up with a group of people to achieve a goal.

Projects Abroad volunteers travelling during their school and college years work to plant mangroves in Fiji.

Summer Volunteering Abroad for Students

Summer is the busiest time of the year for us. We recommend planning ahead to make the most of your summer holiday and book a place on the trip of your choice. When schools close for the summer, you can pack your bags, hop on a plane, and travel to a developing country.

Our High School Specials take place over fixed dates throughout the summer months of June, July, and August. Whichever programme you choose, you can expect to:

  • Meet and work with young people your age
  • Live with a local host family or in shared accommodation
  • Take part in fun, worthwhile activities at your placement
  • Do cultural and tourist activities with your group and our staff
  • Have support from our staff 24/7 during your trip
A teenager volunteering abroad over her summer holiday conducts a blood sugar test for a Sri Lankan woman during a community outreach.

Alternatives to High School Specials

If you're 16 or older and confident about travelling and working independently, look at one of our Flexi Trips that run throughout the year. The average age of volunteers on Flexi Trips is between 18 and 24, and we find that these placements are great for recently graduated students.

If you're looking for a more specific programme, we can work with you to arrange a custom group volunteer trip if you're with a group of five or more. We have extensive experience working with young students and teachers to arrange personalized group programmes, whether you are fellow students, friends, classmates, or part of the same team or club.

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