A group of volunteers over 50 doing childcare volunteering in Nepal, take a photo outside their placement.

Childcare Volunteering in Nepal for Volunteers over 50

Travel to Asia with a group your age and support students at disadvantaged schools

At a glance

  • Give back by joining our childcare volunteering project in Nepal for volunteers over 50. Work with children, carry out small building renovations and explore all that Nepal has to offer.
  • Help care centres which are understaffed and Underfunded by running educational initiatives with a focus on improving conversational English.
  • You’ll live and work with people of your own age in the capital, Kathmandu. Prepare to revel in gorgeous views of the Himalayas and immerse yourself in Nepali culture with us!

Start Dates: 

Throughout the year

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Minimum Duration: 

Two Weeks


50 or over

Is volunteering with children in Nepal for older adults right for me?

If you’re looking to give back through your travels and you’re eager to explore Nepal, this is the ideal project for you. You’ll get to experience life in a different country while supporting a local disadvantaged community.

You’ll get the chance to work directly with children, and focus on teaching them the skills every young child needs to learn. You’ll also work on making their environment more stimulating. You don’t need to have any specific qualifications or experience to take part. You’ll assist local staff and Projects Abroad staff will be there to guide you.

This Grown-up Special project runs over fixed dates during the year and has a set itinerary. Once you arrive in Nepal, everything will have been organised for you. This includes cultural and social activities for you to enjoy, along with a weekend trip. Throughout it all, Projects Abroad staff will be with you.

A group of volunteers over 50 doing childcare volunteering in Nepal, work with children during an outdoor activity.

What will I be doing on this Childcare & Community Work project?

You will teach and play with children, do maintenance work in schools, and explore Nepal with your group. Here are some of the tasks and activities you will do during your stay:

  • Help teachers work with children at a local school
  • Help with basic maintenance and renovation work in schools
  • Explore Kathmandu and experience the way of life in Nepal

Childcare volunteer work in Nepal for older adults can be divided into three main categories:

Interact with and teach children

You will help with organise and run educational activities and games designed to teach basic English. For example, you could play English Bingo, or teach them a nursery rhyme. We try to include an element of fun in each activity, as students are more engaged when they’re enjoying themselves.

Help with renovation work

You will also help with renovation work at schools by doing painting and building work. You can get creative and paint murals on blank walls to transform them into something stimulating and interesting for the children.

Experience and explore Nepal

When you aren’t working, we've organised plenty of social and cultural activities for you to enjoy, along with a weekend trip. Our Projects Abroad staff will be there to accompany you and you’ll get to explore Nepal along with your fellow volunteers. Visit ancient temples and enjoy a trip Chitwan National Park where you’ll go on safari, walk through the jungle, and watch cultural dances.

Where in Nepal will I be working?


You will live and work in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Located at the foot of the Himalayas, Kathmandu attracts thousands of tourists and climbers. Vibrant and energetic, this city is home to beautiful architecture, fascinating sights, and friendly people.

You will work at a primary or secondary school with disadvantaged students. Nepal is not a wealthy country, meaning that many schools are underfunded, under-resourced, and frequently understaffed. Extra pairs of helping hands are needed and welcomed!

Airport pickup, flights and visas

When you arrive at your respective airport, a member of Projects Abroad staff will be there to meet you. You can find more detailed information on arrival airports, orientation, and visas on our Nepal Arrival Procedures page

What are the aims and impact of this project?

The aim of this project is to help to meet the needs of underprivileged schools in Nepal.

Many of the schools and care centres we work with lack funding and resources. They are also understaffed, and local staff need extra support to give each child the attention they need. This is why we need the help of volunteers like you.

You’ll focus on teaching English, and encouraging the students to practice speaking with you. This will boost their confidence, and you can help them with their pronunciation and grammar. Speaking English is also a critical skill in Nepal, and can open the door to better employment opportunities in the future.

You’ll also become part of our efforts to create safer and more stimulating learning environments at school. You’ll do this through light renovation work, like painting, gardening, and building.

Join today and help us work towards our long term goals to support children’s education in Nepal.

A volunteer over 50 doing childcare volunteering in Nepal, paints an educational mural on a wall.

Management plans

We set out the aims and objectives of our projects in documents called Management Plans. We use them to properly plan the work you’ll do. They also help us measure and evaluate our achievements and impact each year.

Ultimately, our Management Plans help us make our projects better. This in turn means you get to be part of something that makes a real impact where it’s needed. Read more about our Management Plans.

Measuring our impact

Our projects work towards clear long-term goals, with specific annual objectives. Every volunteer and intern we send to these projects helps us work towards these goals, no matter how long they spend on our projects.

Every year we take a step back and look at how much progress we've made towards these goals. We put together a Global Impact Report, which documents our achievements. Find out more about the impact our global community of volunteers, interns and staff make, and read the latest report.

Food and accommodation

You'll stay in a hotel with other Projects Abroad volunteers during your stay in Kathmandu. This is a great way to get to know your fellow volunteers, share experiences, and explore your surroundings in your time together.

The accommodation is safe, clean, and comfortable. Your programme fees include three meals a day.

Find out more about our accommodation

Safety and staff support

Your safety and security is our prime concern. We have many procedures and systems to ensure you have the support you need to enjoy your trip with peace of mind. Our Projects Abroad staff are available 24 hours a day to help, and will be on hand to make sure you settle in well at your accommodation and placement. If you encounter any problems, they will be available to help at any time.

Find out more about safety and backup.

This placement is fully researched, safety audited, and risk assessed in accordance with the British Standard BS8848 for the Adventure Travel Sector.

When you apply you only pay 1195 AED, which comes off the total price. Flexible payment options and fundraising advice available.

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