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Holiday Teaching in Thailand – Update

Teasure hunt at the beach

Thailand is the only one of our destinations to take their main school holidays during April and the start of May. This year we've been running two exciting holiday teaching programmes, one in Ao Nang and one in Chumphon. The volunteers helped to plan the activities before the holidays started and both programmes have proved popular with the local children.

Teaching & Care Director, Parichart Chaipikul or Ant as she's known, sent us this update:

'It is going very well. The children are so well-behaved, it is unbelievable! Maybe we should worry that they won't stay this way, but I doubt it. They seem to love it and join in on the activities very actively. The volunteers are doing great as well with the help of our Thai student helpers.

Hotel visit

Last week we had food day; they discussed different foods. They did a whisper game and the children managed to turn 'sandwich' into 'tsnunami'... rather interesting!

They prepared sandwiches after that; some children seemed to love them, others sneakily took their plates outside, folded (with their sandwich in between) and binned them. The majority seemed to like it though!

From Monday to Thursday we were in Ao Nang School. Monday they covered the topic of transport, such as bus, train, etc. Tuesday we ran activities around the topic of body parts. So, they did hand printing and body labelling, and on Wednesday we had a sports days. We separated the students into groups using the names of the school houses in Harry Potter. The activities involved games and competitions; such as musical chairs, throwing and egg and spoon races. The students had so much fun. On Thursday, we did paper maché models of animals.

Making a model of a train

Today, we had the field trip. We brought them into Ao Nang town and the students had to fill in a questionnaire that we provided. All the questions were related to important places and signs in the Ao Nang area. It was amazing that they could find the answer in English without any help from Thai helpers! The last place that we brought them to was Somkiat Buri Hotel. The aim of visiting the hotel was to show them the hotel and let them to get a new experience.'

The holiday programme will be continuing after the national Songkran holiday which celebrates the traditional Thai New Year. Happy Songkran to all our Thai staff!

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